Continuing to support the community of East Melbourne

Continuing to support the community of East Melbourne

The East Melbourne Neighbour Network was formed in 2017 and our priorities are …

  • To promote a spirit of neighbourliness and mutual support on issues relating to health, wellbeing and the needs of life.
  • To educate and share information on issues of mutual interest, including the services provided by various organisations.
  • To provide opportunities for residents of East Melbourne to interact socially.
  • To mutually organise services and assistance with particular focus on health and wellbeing
  • To assist residents, as far as practicable, to continue to live in their homes despite the challenges of ageing or illness.

At our monthly Morning Coffee we shared relevant information about what is going on around us.

At the East Melbourne Library, residents can book a time for a one-on-one session with library staff on minor issues with use of their phones and digital tablets.

Jenny Owen spoke to the group about the consultation process around the Yarra Park Masterplan; there was a lot of discussion over aspects of this, and residents can find details about the consultation process and complete the survey at: 

Ann-Maree Eckersley reported on the health and wellbeing program, saying that instructor Joh is doing more Pilates programs, including pre- and post-natal, and programs for younger people; also Jeff can take more students in the general exercise classes

The East Melbourne Community Choir convened for its first rehearsal at 7pm on Tuesday, February 21 at the Unitarian Church, 110 Grey St. Andrea Chan is our accompanist and Robyn Cooper-Bugg is leading the choir. It was a great success with more than 40 people attending our new community choir.

The City of Melbourne is holding a session on Sunday, March 11 at the East Melbourne Library regarding the urban landscape through the area; details are available at the Participate Melbourne portal.

Mention was made of noisy disturbances from some sites and speeding cars in the area; police have said that it is useful to report such matters, and have provided an email contact for the Melbourne East Neighbourhood Policing Unit: [email protected]

The old PLC plaque commemorating the original location of the PLC school in Albert St having been found among the rushes at Victoria and Albert, it has not yet been decided where the plaque will be located.      

New ideas are sought from the community as we seek to provide additional meaningful, fun, and engaging activities for all age groups. Your ideas and involvement will help strengthen our community and enhance the health and wellbeing of your neighbours.

Contact Susan or Ann-Maree at [email protected]

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