Community life is back and bustling with chatter and activities! 

Community life is back and bustling with chatter and activities! 

How wonderful it is to be meeting and sharing activities together after such an uncertain year full of stops then starts.

The Powlett Community Room is now in full swing with classes or activities every day. We will look to give the space a more friendly identity next year now that we have it as our permanent home. It would great to hear from anyone who has suggestions for a logo or design to represent our network. Also, anyone who can help us with making a sign board or painting one would be greatly appreciated.

Health and wellbeing programs

Monday: 9am – Qigong. 10.30am – Chair Yoga

Tuesday: 6pm – Yoga

Wednesday: 3pm – Ukulele

Thursday: 9am – Pilates. 10.30am – Pilates. 12.00 – Men’s Pilates

Friday: 9am – General Exercises. 10.30am – General Exercises

Contact Sue at [email protected] or Ann-Maree at [email protected]

Christmas Markets in The Pavilion, Fitzroy Gardens

These “Christmas Markets in the Park” are at The Pavilion, Fitzroy Gardens, next to the Model Tudor Village. They are to be held on Saturday and Sunday, December 4 and 5, 10am-3pm.

Local East Melbourne resident Alissa Duke has a stall where she will be selling greetings cards and her unique hand drawings in old books.

Fifteen artists will be selling a range of unique, handmade items – perfect for Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Christmas Holiday Hunt

Following the success of our last Kids Holiday Hunt we will again team up with the East Melbourne Group for another school holiday event. This one will be held mid-December and will be a Christmas-themed hunt, following a trail around a section of the Fitzroy Gardens.

The children (and perhaps some parents) will be kept busy searching for clues and items; counting, naming, and collecting as instructed on the Hunt Trail Map. We will finish with prizes, drinks, and lolly bags for each participant. Parents and friends will also be invited to meet each other and share a drink and chat at the end of the event.

The Neighbour Network Christmas Drinks

The network will be gathering for Christmas drinks but this year instead of the Darling Gardens it will be in the front garden and courtyard of a local home. There will be Christmas carols and plenty of favourite local dishes to share as usual. We look forward to this opportunity to gather and celebrate our great community.

New ideas are sought from the community as we seek to provide additional meaningful, fun, and engaging activities for all age groups. Any resident of any age who would like to get involved – the EMNN would love to hear from you. Your ideas and involvement will help strengthen our community and enhance the health and wellbeing of your neighbours. •

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