Charges dropped for Shane Warne mural artist 

Charges dropped for Shane Warne mural artist 
Brendan Rees

A street artist who was charged after painting a mural of the late cricketing legend Shane Warne in Carlton has walked free from court without a criminal conviction.

Jarrod Grech, 35, faced the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on October 26 after being charged with criminal damage for painting a mural of his sporting hero in March on an abandoned brick wall in Canning St.

He said he had tried to seek the property owner’s permission – which he had previously done when he painted on the wall – but no-one was home, and the windows were boarded up.

Mr Grech said he was spoken to by police and later interviewed before being charged on summons.

But at the hearing two charges were struck out while another was dismissed which concluded the matter, the court confirmed. 

The court heard from Mr Grech’s lawyer who said his client was in the wrong and accepted that he must seek consent from the owner.

The magistrate also considered a character reference from a staff member at the City of Whittlesea who praised Mr Grech for his voluntary services with the council.


“Jarrod has become an active member of the arts community in the local municipality and is regularly exhibiting works and contributing to exhibitions,” the letter read.


“He has even volunteered his time to work as a Gallery Sitter for local exhibitions, providing further support to his community.”

“He is also a very kind and generous individual who continues to deepen his relationships with the broader community through his art and volunteering his time in his local community.”

Mr Grech said he was relieved with the outcome at court, saying the matter was “not nice sitting over your head”.

“I couldn’t be happier with the judge actually. He saw my point of view although he did give me a slap around the ears,” he said.

Earlier this year, Mr Grech, an electrician by day, said he had created the mural as a genuine tribute to Sharne Warne following his death.

He said he remained keen to continue his creativity and hoped to paint a new mural in the inner city so long as he sought the permission of a private landowner or the City of Melbourne.


“If anyone wants their wall painted and it’s in an area for everyone to enjoy then I’m very happy to do it,” he said.


He said he was currently painting three murals on canvases – one which would be donated and auctioned at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Another piece will be given to Shane Warne’s family, while a third artwork will be displayed at a new hotel in Geelong. •


Caption: Jarrod Grech with his Shane Warne mural in Carlton.

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