Celebrating the life and work of Julian Centofanti

Celebrating the life and work of Julian Centofanti
Jack Hayes

Carlton’s art community is in mourning following the sad death of Carlton Arts Centre (CAC) owner, pottery teacher and artist, Julian Centofanti.

The CAC pottery school at 189 Nicholson St was established more than 30 years ago, inviting students and like-minded artists through its doors, welcoming them as family members until closing its doors, for good, in July this year.

In celebration of his life and work, the CAC doors will be flung open on one last occasion for a closing down sale of Centofanti’s pottery, art collection and equipment, on November 11 and 12.

His partner, Angela Costa, told Inner City News that “Julian’s lasting memories and unique teaching style will continue through his students and friends from the early days until this year,” and that “his legacy will live on”.

“I think the beauty and charm of it [CAC], along with Julian’s own charm, was that he made it a home where people weren’t judged. It was a very welcoming environment,” she said.

“He opened his doors to anyone that needed an outlet, some art therapy, or just even a chat. He was the kind of person who would open the door and his heart to anyone. A lot of people called the CAC their home, so when it had to close it shook a lot of people in a lot of different ways.”

“The sale will consist of Julian’s own signed pieces, other ceramics, some of Julian’s art collection from his own home studio, along with CAC pottery equipment and items available for purchase.”

While Centofanti’s sudden death has shocked Melbourne’s pottery community, Ms Costa said the sale would provide a chance to celebrate a life and institution which touched and formed students and artists alike.

The sale will be held at 189 Nicholson St from 1pm to 5pm, November 11 and 12.  •

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