Celebrating Australia’s best cheeses at Mould


Australia’s biggest cheese festival returns to Melbourne on June 28 and 29, where it will take to its biggest stage yet at the Royal Exhibition Building.

Presented by Revel, Mould has been bringing top-quality, Australian artisanal cheese to Melbourne since 2017, celebrating handcrafted homegrown cheese and their makers.

Showcasing more than 100 different varieties of cheese from hard to soft, textured to earthy, stinky to mild – Mould offers something to delight every palette.

“It’s all about celebrating and championing the best of Australian cheese, and it’s been unapologetically Australian cheese since inception,” Revel CEO and festival organiser Dan Sims said.

“We all love cheese, but traditionally we look to Europe for examples. But the quality of Australian cheese has never been better, so what we really want to do is to showcase that.”

While relocating to the Royal Exhibition Building reflects a “natural growth” in the event’s popularity, Dan emphasises that guests will still be able to enjoy a relaxed experience in a “considered and controlled environment”.

“Our philosophy is always that more people doesn’t mean a better event, because we still want people to engage and have a conversation with the cheese makers. We work really hard to find that balance,” he said.



“I think it’s a real testament to not only the support of Australian cheese makers, but also to encourage the cheese makers to let them know that there is an audience out there who truly love and adore what they do. I think that’s a really special kind of moment, and the Royal Exhibition is such an epic building.”

In addition to a wide variety of cheeses, festival-goers can also look forward to a range of “cheese side hustles”, from olives and relishes, to salumi and pickled vegetables.

Drinks will also be provided by local producers including Archie Rose distillery, Das Juice natural wines, and sustainable, boxed wine from Cult Cru.

“It’s important to remember that where we put our food dollars is always important, but even more so at the moment being that there’s so much pressure in the system, whether it be through hospitality, or in particular artisan cheese-making businesses with costs going up,” Dan told Inner City News.

“What’s really encouraging and reassuring is to see that an audience out there is willing to directly support these producers, and that’s the thing I really like the most. Because if we don’t support them, we will lose them, and that would be an absolute travesty. So come down, have a great time, and just celebrate the best of Australian cheese.” •

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