Carlton residents’ position on e-scooters

Carlton residents’ position on e-scooters

The Carlton Residents’ Association (CRA) has written to the Minister for Transport to express our concern at the failure of the shared e-scooter trial initiated by the state government to provide substantive evidence for their ongoing use and to ensure their compliance during the trial period. 

The trial is extended across the municipalities of Melbourne, Port Phillip, and Yarra. 

Our support for shared e-scooters aligns with the decision of the City of Melbourne at the Future Melbourne Committee meeting on August 15 to provide only in-principle support to the ongoing operation of commercial e-scooters. 

That is, unless the council is provided with the power to manage the scheme by agreement with the operators; and the range of issues related to their use are satisfactorily addressed through agreements, enforcement powers and education.  

The issues include, but are not limited to, riding on footpaths, excessive speed, the non-wearing of helmets and the inappropriate placing of e-scooters on footpaths, roadways and in local parks. 

The CRA therefore welcomes the council’s support for the shared e-scooter scheme being dependent on a state government handover of e-scooter management to the council. 

The council will then be able to require the issues raised in the report regarding compliance to be addressed by the companies through technologies, enforcement and education.

New public toilet for Carlton

CRA is pleased to finally see the new public toilet in Faraday St installed and operational. This is a much-needed facility for the precinct. •

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