Carlton residents pave the way for menstrual health empowerment

Carlton residents pave the way for menstrual health empowerment

Kate Everitt and Julie Moulder are the proud co-founders of The Fix; a period supplement company that is revolutionising the treatment of menstruation symptoms.

Being friends and previously working together for more than 14 years in brand innovation for various major supplement companies, Kate and Julie launched The Fix in September 2022.

Their mission? To create a range of products that uplift and empower “girls, women and people with periods”.

“We thought about what we had talked about for 14 years, which was our period symptoms – that was the heartland of what we were passionate about,” Julie said.

Kate and Julie conducted hundreds of interviews with individuals prior to formulating their products, discovering that a staggering 90 per cent of them “suffer from a period symptom every single month”; the number one symptom being cramps.

“We don’t claim to be the scientists, so we had to work really hard with naturopaths, nutritionists, scientist and chemists to find a way to get to the absolute core of what we were trying to solve and what ingredients would do that,” Julie told Inner City News.


We intentionally partnered with the best we knew there was in Australia, and part of the journey was diving into where the science was.


Through The Fix, Kate and Julie have created the first period-specific supplement range on the market, targeting the most common period symptoms through their line of XCramp, XBloat, XMood and XBreakout supplements, as well as their everyday hormone balancer, XAll.



“One of the biggest challenges when we first started was people saying to us, ‘why hasn’t this been done before, there must be a reason it hasn’t been done’,” Kate said.

“There are cramping products on the market and there are mood products, but none of them are focused on women’s reproductive health – it’s completely under-funded and under-researched, so we pulled studies from all around the world and found bodies of evidence-based material to connect the dots.”

In the face of initial scepticism from people accustomed to enduring symptoms without treatment for most of their lives, The Fix’s reviews and testimonials have demonstrated the remarkable impact of their products.

One of their most memorable testimonials was a customer who reached out the week before her wedding in need of their XBloat product, writing after the event that The Fix “literally saved my wedding”.

“Reviews have to be verified and they have to be proven that they’re genuine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) – it’s very tightly restricted and regulated, so we know that when a customer does write a review, that it really has changed their lives,” Kate said.

Expanding their impact, Kate and Julie have forged partnerships with not-for-profits such as Share the Dignity, as well as collaborating with universities to engage in more research in the hopes of “putting periods on the map”.

The team is also in the process of formulating a new product that aligns with their mission to treat individuals from “puberty to the end of menopause”. 

“We may have been the first, but we want to change that. For us, it goes far beyond revenue – we’re shifting a narrative,” Julie said.



Working between their two homes, Kate and Julie refer to their “Canning St office” in the median strip where most of their work is done, emphasising the importance of the local community in the establishment of The Fix.

“I think everything is defined by community now – the way we live, the way we operate, the way we socialise, and the way we do business,” Kate said while sitting down with Inner City News at the local Wine Corner Store, unwittingly proving her own point.

“Essentially what we’re doing with a business is building a community of people that want to talk, think and treat their symptoms – if we don’t believe that community matters, we wouldn’t be able to build a business.”

At the heart of The Fix lies a foundation of genuine friendship, with Kate and Julie standing as a bloody good example of a local business that has been built on community. •

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