Carlton Corner brings vintage charm to Canning St

Carlton Corner

Meet the quirky and eccentric family behind Canning St’s newest vintage pop-up store, Carlton Corner.

Run by eldest daughter Heidi and youngest daughter Olivia alongside their parents, Maggie and Michael, the Bula family brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to Carlton’s fashion scene.

Tucked away in the “multifunctional” space of the Melbourne French Theatre’s (MFT) rehearsal venue, a nearly 50-year-old institution co-founded by Michael, Carlton Corner presents a thoughtfully curated collection of timeless treasures.

Combining Heidi’s artistic flair, Olivia’s retail experience, Maggie’s widely known decluttering skills, and Michael’s discerning eye for fashion, the family have sourced preloved pieces from their own wardrobes, as well as cherished items passed down from their beloved Nonna.

“I’ve had the idea of having a vintage store for a long time, but mainly because we have so many things in the house and I’ve been wanting to declutter for years and years,” Maggie said.

“We’ve finally pulled all our resources together and realised that we can do so much with what we’ve got.”

Having “seen the world through our clothes”, Carlton Corner stocks various pieces “through all different phases of fashion and weights”, catering to a diverse clientele.



Entering Carlton Corner, you’ll find walls adorned with vintage posters and disco lights shimmering, with one of the Bula’s likely welcoming you in from their favourite spot on the couch.


“They used to really tailor things for specific body shapes, so that means when you try on vintage things, some things look really horrible and some things fit like a glove and it’s like a match made in heaven – there’s something really special about that, you feel like you found a gem,” Heidi told Inner City News.

Although having lived in Carlton for many years, the Bula’s have enjoyed getting to connect with the “business side” of the community, as well as introducing locals to the MFT space.

As the store’s current chapter draws to a close on May 5 to make way for the MFT’s rehearsals for their August performance, the Bula’s are confident that the spirit of Carlton Corner will endure in the months ahead.

“We thought of Carlton Corner and the Instagram page to make it more adaptable into something new, like little art exhibitions or paint and sips,” Olivia said.

“We’d love to be able to use the space to get local artists in.”

Up until May 5, Carlton Corner will offer a 25 per cent discount on all items. The store is located at 203-205 Canning St and is open on Wednesday to Friday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 6.30pm. •

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