Bottega Tasca: Carlton’s go-to fine wine boutique


Family-run fine wine and spirits boutique, Bottega Tasca, has been a cornerstone of the Carlton community for the past 15 years, known for their thoughtfully curated collection of wines sourced from both local and global producers.

With a background in licensed grocery stores alongside their father, brothers Paul and Fabian Tasca opened the store in 2008 when an opportunity arose to takeover a prime spot on Lygon St.

Despite initial challenges breaking into the Carlton business landscape, Bottega Tasca has become a beloved fixture of the community, with many local residents and neighbouring businesses warmly greeting the team by name – a testament to their enduring influence.

“Back in the day, it was a fairly large active corporate area. It took us about two years to really get going – a mix of placing ourselves with people, to changing their spending habits,” Paul told Inner City News.


We knew we had to provide products that were different and weren’t mainstream, and cater to a cross-section of demographics.


Each bottle stocked in the store is tasted by the team, ensuring that only the best wines hit the shelves.

While showcasing a variety of European wines, their focus is mainly on Australian producers with around 70 per cent of stock coming from Australian labels.

Paul also notes the “cross-section of demographics” among their clientele, with an increasing influence of younger wine enthusiasts who are developing a growing interest in fine wines and seeking higher-quality products.



“The younger generation now is so much more in touch with the quality of wine and different styles of wine. It’s not just Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc,” Paul said.

“We actually expanded our natural and pet nat range for that reason. We started with two or three bottles and now stock 60 to 70 different types, so it’s actually filled a gap.”

While having “seen a lot of change” over the years, Paul says the thing that has remained consistent is the unwavering loyalty of their customers, and the team’s commitment to serving the Carlton community.

“I obviously enjoy the food and wine part of the business, but my favourite part is the social aspect – you develop a lot of good friendships over the years” he said.

“There’s a lot of customers that are very loyal to me, they’ll ring up and order and know that I’m going to give them the best price I can.” •

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