Anthony Capon: 16 years with Et Al

Anthony Capon: 16 years with Et Al

East Melbourne resident and creative director behind fashion brand Et Al, Anthony Capon reflects on his remarkable journey with the store that spans 16 years; from chance encounters to the opening of a new store location.

Anthony’s introduction to the Et Al team came unexpectedly during a visit to one of their stores in Collingwood. It was there that he met Christine, the founding director, and her husband, Les.

“I had just left a design job and was looking for something else, and they said ‘let’s meet up’. That was 16 years ago and I’ve been with them ever since,” Anthony told Inner City News.


They rarely work in the store, so it was one of those moments that was just perfect timing – it was serendipity.


Since then, Anthony has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the Et Al brand, witnessing firsthand the dynamic shifts within the retail sector.

“It’s been interesting seeing how the sector has evolved over the years, it’s changing a lot and adapting to the times which is exciting and challenging,” he said.

Central to Et Al’s ethos is a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, with the brand’s range spanning from size 8 to 18 and encompassing menswear, womenswear, and unisex pieces.

“It’s something that is very authentic to us, because we believe you should be able to walk into a store and find something that feels amazing – whatever size or age or gender,” Anthony said.



While Et Al remains a “niche brand” with an aesthetic characterised by “lots of black and monochrome”, Anthony notes the brand’s adaptability to the times and what clients are looking for through their sub-brand, which focuses on brighter colours.

For Anthony, the most fulfilling part about working with the brand is seeing the impact Et Al’s designs have on clients.

“A lot of clients in the age bracket that we cater for have lost their confidence and their body shape has changed, but we want them to find something that they feel good in,” he said.

“When they walk out feeling amazing in a product, that’s what keeps us going. It is tough sometimes, but seeing customers with tears in their eyes because they’ve spent months trying to find a mother-of-the-bride outfit and they can’t find anything, that for us is really rewarding.”

An enthusiastic advocate for life in East Melbourne, Anthony emphasises how immersing himself in the vibrant community and incorporating walks with his partner through the gardens into their daily routine has been “phenomenal”.

As Et Al prepares to open their new retail store in the Emporium Melbourne, Anthony hopes the brand will be able to reach a new demographic while remaining true to their values.

“We’re excited for the potential people that we may reach and meet. We’ll have both menswear and womenswear, but there will also be a few exclusive designs that will be just at this store.” •

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