Alan the Carlton legend

Alan the Carlton legend

Words by John Tadigiri

Four-and-a-half-year-old border collie Alan has been coming to Carlton Gardens all his life.

Leon, his grandad, takes him for a walk around the gardens three times a day.

“Alan is my daughter Angela’s dog, and, of course, grandads always look after pets and kids,” Leon said.

“He’s very much a park dog and knows all the ways around the garden and the streets of Carlton and Fitzroy.”

“He has a lot of friends at the park. Except for pups – he doesn’t like those.”

As a lover of football and water polo, Leon loves taking Alan for a walk up to Melbourne University where sport is often on.

Every week Alan and Leon also walk down to Alan’s favourite place – the beach.

“He smells the beach from two miles away, he absolutely loves it,” Leon said.   

Alan came into the family after his daughter received him as a gift from country Victoria.

Although he was the smallest in the litter, Leon said he had the biggest heart of all the pups.

“I’m so glad my daughter chose him, he has the most beautiful personality and colours,” he said •

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