Age is no barrier

Age is no barrier
Carol Saffer

A year ago, Maltese poodle cross Molly was placed on a flight by a breeder from Newcastle NSW to Melbourne to reach her new home with John Hrbek’s family.

“She was a little puppy, and she flew all that way by herself,” John said.

Waiting in East Melbourne with John and his wife was Mia, an 11-year-old Maltese Lhasa Apso cross. The two dogs are great friends regardless of their age difference.

Mia has endured a cancer diagnosis and treatment and while not as mobile as Molly, she loves the daily walks with Molly and John.

“Both of them have been such great company during COVID while I have been working from home,” John said.

“The park [Fitzroy Gardens] is close to our house so when I take a break, we always head here for a walk. Molly runs big circles around and around and loves to fetch, whereas Mia, while not so active, will do anything for food.” •

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