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Jack Hayes

A unique outlook, broad curriculum and a focus on brilliant teaching are part of Haileybury City’s success story.

Haileybury’s City campus is a vertical school and each day students immerse themselves in their busy and unique surroundings surrounded by floor to ceiling views of the Melbourne cityscape.

The very location of the Haileybury City campus guarantees it is a school with a difference. Located on King St in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, and opposite the city’s oldest park, learning at the state-of-the-art campus in the city brings a busy, real-world edge to the school day. 

The location also brings opportunities to make the most of the cultural, educational, historical and sporting sights and facilities that are, literally, on the doorstep. From MSAC, Whitten Oval and the State Netball and Hockey Centre to the theatres and art galleries, these places all become classrooms to its city students.

Haileybury City also offers a different education experience not only because of its CBD location, but because it is a vertical campus and community enjoyed by students, teachers and parents, who are regular visitors to the campus to attend events.

“Parents love watching their child flourishing in the classroom. They also enjoy seeing how things have changed since they were at school. Understanding the important role that parents play in fostering and nurturing a love of learning is vital – parents are important partners at Haileybury City,” said Caroline Merrick, Head of Campus Haileybury City.

Its youngest students join the Early Learning Centre (ELC) on the lower levels and, as students progress through the school years, they move up the building with senior students occupying the highest levels. The building also accommodates all the learning spaces expected of a quality school, such as library, art and drama studios, science laboratories and music rooms.

Haileybury City prides itself on offering a diverse curriculum with subjects to match the interests of every student. As well as core numeracy and literacy subjects, other subjects that are part of the Junior and Middle School curriculum include Health, History and Geography, Visual Arts, Music and Drama, Science, Communications and Digital Technologies (CDT), Library and Mandarin.

Junior School students from Prep to Year 4 build core literacy and numeracy skills with Haileybury’s successful Explicit Teaching Model. Based on an “I Do, We Do and You Do” approach, enabling young minds to build knowledge, skills and confidence in the classroom. 


By the time students move to Middle School, they are strong and independent learners who know how to question, explore and problem-solve. Students who discover a passion subject can follow their interests in Senior School and the VCE years. 


So, every student can find their special place.

At the heart of the city campus is Haileybury’s focus on “brilliant teaching”.

“A brilliant teacher is constantly curious about their practice, pedagogy, curriculum and the world,” Haileybury CEO|Principal, Derek Scott said.

Head of Haileybury City Caroline Merrick agrees that “brilliant” teachers bring something different to their teaching.

“They bring something different to their maths teaching. They want to lift a student’s engagement in the arts. They think beyond teaching a business management course so it becomes something entrepreneurial,” she said.

“At Haileybury, brilliant teaching is a culture of high expectations, hard work and collaboration, underpinned by our philosophy that every student matters every day.” •

For more information: haileybury.com.au/our-schools/city

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