A new outdoor gym for Powlett Reserve

A new outdoor gym for Powlett Reserve
Carol Saffer

Online community consultation with the City of Melbourne is open until Tuesday, April 5, on the type of outdoor exercise equipment residents would like to see installed at Powlett Reserve in East Melbourne.

While the reserve currently has tennis and basketball/netball courts and is used by a diverse population of locals and visitors, the council believes it would benefit from new opportunities for outdoor exercise.

There are two styles of equipment to choose from, static (fixed) or dynamic (moving) that offer an alternative to users of indoor gym apparatus.

Cross-trainers are an example of dynamic equipment that works the entire body providing a complete workout and increasing the number of calories burned. To give the arms an effective workout, simply hold onto the handles, pushing and pulling as you move your feet on the pedals.

The equipment is aimed at offering younger people, in the 20 to 60 years age group, the ability to conduct an outdoor personalised fitness program that could also include running or walking around the reserve’s perimeter.

Secondly older generations are often encouraged by their health services to improve strength, balance, joint movement, mobility and function, all of which the proposed equipment would facilitate.

Whether you prefer to exercise before or after work or take time out during the day, the new equipment would be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so have your say and let the council know your preferences •

For more information: participate.melbourne.vic.gov.au/powlett-reserve-outdoor-exercise-equipment

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